5 Mistakes In Your Everyday Hygiene Routine You Simply MUST Get Rid Of!

AdobeStock 331355111 1 scaled 1 5 Mistakes In Your Everyday Hygiene Routine You Simply MUST Get Rid Of!

Since we’re really young, in our earliest childhood days, parents and close family members, even kindergarten teachers teach us the bases of bon ton – how to act around people, into society, but, also, how to take care of hygiene.

Washing our teeth, going to the bathroom, and taking care of our looks are things we also learn from an early age and it is really important – since we only have one body for the rest of our life.

1. When to Wash Your Hands in the Toilet?

If we ask people when you should wash your hands in the toilet – I bet that 99% would say that you should wash them right after using the toilet. And this is the wrong answer. You should also wash your hands BEFORE going to the toilet since you can also transmit germs on yourself and your ultimate parts with your dirty hands.

2. When To Shower?

There is no right answer for this question since this habit depends on your profession, your daily physical activity, and the oil base on your skin. But, taking two showers per day, as a routine, is definitely too much, since you will get rid of the beneficiary skin oils as well.

3. What to use for face wash?

Exposing your face to heavy and strong chemical substances and strong soaps and foams will definitely have an unwanted effect and make some unwanted changes on your skin. Don’t wash your face with your regular soap or body wash – the skin on your face is definitely more sensitive than the other parts of your body.

4. Sleeping With Your Pets

Pets, especially cats and dogs are such a big part of most of our families, that we often sleep with them, bathe with them, or even share food with them. No matter how clean, vaccinated and beloved your pet is – they have fur and it is 100% sure that they have insects and molds living on them. Avoid sleeping with them and give them all, your love during the day – in playtime and feeding rituals.

5. Use The Same Pillow For Too Long

The bedroom and especially, the bed and the sheets you sleep in, is a sacred place. It has to be clean, peaceful, and private. But, many of us keep making a terrible mistake – using a pillow for too long, since it occurs clean and without any spots and dirt on them. However, the pillows retain moisture from our bodies, as well as oils and other dirt and bacteria, unable to spot with your eye. These micro bacteria and other organisms and pests are often the ones to blame for problems with the skin on your face.

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