5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day to Strengthen Your Relationship

A bowl filled with Brach’s cherry hearts has made its way to my coffee table once again. The gummy candies make their way to grocery store shelves around this time each year to mark the runway to Valentine’s Day.

The romantic holiday is just a couple days away now, but there is still time to plan an adventure with your person.

We’ve rounded up a few potential ways to celebrate the holiday together here:

Get Outside

celebrating valentine's day outside

Consider going on a hike for Valentine’s Day this year. My boyfriend and I went hiking on one of our first dates. We drove about an hour out of the city to a small mountain and spent the next few hours engaged in conversation. The outing was a nice escape from the city a chance to breathe in some fresh air and get some exercise.

And chances are there won’t be strong cell service. That means there will be fewer distractions, allowing you to really get to know your hiking partner.

Day Trip

Use Valentine’s Day as a reason to explore a nearby town or city. Leave early in the morning with a cooler full of snacks and drinks and head out to discover a new area.

Be a tourist and satisfy your wanderlust tendencies, but save money by forgoing a hotel room. Feel free to get lost. You never know what local gems you could stumble upon. Tip: Plan your day around catching a sunset or sunrise with your date.

Puzzle Me This

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If you are looking for a cozy night in with your loved one this year, consider grabbing a jigsaw puzzle. Find a scene of a favorite landmark, potential vacation destination, or reminder of home and get to work with your partner. This project could last you a few days or keep you up all night depending on the size of the puzzle. It’s the chance to work on teamwork and collaboration.

Sign Up For a Class

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Sign up for a dance, cooking, painting, or craft class with your partner. Sharing experiences especially something outside of your comfort zone will foster memories and laughs, arguably more valuable than material gifts. It will also make you more comfortable with your partner.

You have no rhythm? You don’t know how to cut an onion? It shows ambition and humility that you are in a class, willing to improve your skills.

Camp Style

Here’s a spin on a traditional move night date: Take your Valentine camping indoor style. Buy the ingredients for S’mores, grab stove-top popcorn and hot chocolate, and create a campsite in your living room. Grab your pajamas and pick your favorite movie or start a show on Netflix together (setting the runway for future dates). Set the ambiance by lighting a fire, or candles will do the trick if you don’t have a fireplace. Happy camping!

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