Are You Making These 5 Underwear Mistakes?

AdobeStock 261912253 Are You Making These 5 Underwear Mistakes?

Underwear is the most important piece of clothing we have on us each day and it is still so little we know about choosing it properly. Women nowadays are so obsessed with their style and fashion and what to wear to look good, that they oftentimes forget about the reason why we wear some things.

Underwear is there to protect our intimate area, which is one of the most sensitive areas in our bodies. It’s not there to look good, to cover or uncover, etc. Here are some mistakes you’re probably making yourself:

1. Synthetic Lingerie

Why do many women wear sexy lingerie? Well, that’s easy. Because for the most part, they feel attractive in it. But sexy lingerie is made from materials such as synthetic silk, cloth, faux silk, lace, or net and our skin simply cannot breathe in such fabrics. Also, if you’re sensitive, then chances are you’ll get irritated down there. So, take care of your health above all, and please consider wearing underwear that is made from breathable fabrics like cotton.

2. Wrong Detergents

Don’t wash your intimates with the same detergent you use for your other clothes. You need mild detergents for your delicates and unscented. If you are experiencing itching down there, it might be because of your detergent. Therefore, make sure you use hypoallergenic detergents to wash your intimate wear.

3. Sweaty Undies

Sweat is the best way to catch bacteria. Bacterias love sweat. So if you’re just coming from the gym, don’t go about in your gym clothes and undies, doing whatever chores you needed to do. No, just take a shower, put on some nice panties, and then do your thing. Take care of your intimate area if you don’t want to end up with a yeast infection.

4. Not Going “Commando” At Night

So many experts advise sleeping naked, that’s if you’re comfortable, obviously. Sleeping without underwear will allow your intimate area to air out and it allows the moisture and sweat to evaporate. With the sweat and moisture out of the way, all the problems caused by them can be avoided easily.

5. Shapewear

Shapewear is ok for certain occasions when you need to look a certain way. But don’t risk your health just for the sake of appearance. Shapewear, if worn regularly, can cause blood circulation issues down there – or even worse, it can even lead to nerve impingements and even make those areas numb too. Also, because of shapewear, women put off peeing because it’s uncomfortable, and end up with other health problems too. So, don’t wear your shapewear every day. Save it for special occasions only.

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