5 Ways to Improve Gut Health 

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It’s no secret that if you want to strengthen your immune system (something we all want to do at this time of year), you have to start with your gut. Your intestines are the key to great health, and when you provide…

What is Rice Protein?

AdobeStock 303366198 What is Rice Protein?

Rice protein is a dietary supplement that can be added to shakes, smoothies, or dishes to increase their protein content. To make the powder, the naturally occurring protein in rice grains (yes, it’s not just carbohydrates!) Is extracted. Mostly brown,…

How Important is Pet Insurance? Do you need it?

pet insurance mn How Important is Pet Insurance? Do you need it?

Back “in the day” a trip to the vet with your pet was a catch-as-catch-can visit that ended in modest bills for shots or a ‘hands-on’ diagnosis. While x-rays were available and some basic blood tests were also, veterinary medicine…