Beat that Afternoon Slump Naturally

AdobeStock 483838311 Beat that Afternoon Slump Naturally

We all know it, and I don’t know about YOU, but I dread it. That feeling you get after lunch when your body tries it’s very hardest to make you curl up under your desk and catch a few winks. Although afternoon siestas are popular and even expected in some countries, Canada and the United States don’t seem to be part of that club. (Anyone has any ideas on how we can get in?!)

So, what are some ways to help you survive from 2 ‘til 5? You’ve come to the right place.

1-Eat breakfast

Those who skip, tend to pig out at lunch. When you eat too much around noon, your body works overtime to digest all that food. The extra energy your digestive system expends to accomplish this is the main contributor to Post-Lunch Sleepy Syndrome. (The official technical term.)

2-Don’t eat a giant lunch.

 For those who eat breakfast, and a giant lunch. Don’t do this, for the reason explained above.

3-Around 3 o’clock, eat some sugar

I’m not talking about a chocolate bar—the processed carbs in that will make you even more tired after you crash. I mean eat a piece of fruit or something with complex carbs that will slowly release some energy into your body. A few whole grains sprouted crackers or an apple. That kinda stuff.

4-Keep hydrated

Remember that caffeine is dehydrating, so that extra cup of coffee actually isn’t the best idea. If you can sip water all day long, your body will be able to function more smoothly and keep your head clear.

5-Make sure you’re getting enough sleep throughout the night

Go to bed at a reasonable time, and wake up at one, too. For example, 10-6. 11-7. Something like that. Ways to ensure great sleep are:

  1. Don’t drink caffeine after lunch, and skip the alcohol completely. Save it for the weekend.
  2. Don’t eat after dinner. If you eat something large or spicy before bed, your body will need to digest that, and that process could keep you awake. When you intend to rest, make sure your whole body will get to participate.
  3. Keep your bedroom cool, but not cold. Our body temperature needs to be lowered in order for us to fall and stay asleep. If you’re too warm, it’ll take longer.

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