Pet Care: 7 Important Tips you Should Follow in Winters

AdobeStock 300914896 scaled 1 Pet Care: 7 Important Tips you Should Follow in Winters

The winter provides much need relief from the scorching heat of the summer. However, it’s also the time you got to take extra care of the one that you love, your pets. A coat doesn’t necessarily mean that your pet would be ready to withstand extreme weather conditions, especially between December to February.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to keep your pet comfortable and warm during the colder months. Here are some 7 important tips you should follow to keep your pets happy and well during the winter months:

1. Warm bedding

The floor of your house can get excruciatingly cold during the winter months. Prolonged exposure to the cold floor can make your pet susceptible to sickness. Therefore, you have to take care of your pet

by arranging proper bedding and mattress for your pet and placing it in a carpeted area. Your pet would like to rest and sleep in a warm and cozy environment when the temperature outside is well below optimal.

2. Medical check-up

Some pets who are susceptible to conditions like arthritis may particularly have a troublesome time during the colder months. Veterinary experts from the pharma industry assert that owners need to make sure that their pet exercises regularly and stay active during the winter season. If your pet experiences joint pain or any difficulty in moving, consult your veterinarian for any medications or supplements.

3. Hydration

Staying hydrated is extremely important for your pet, regardless of the season. However, your pet won’t want to drink adequate water during the cold season. In such a scenario, you ought to frequently replace the old water with a new one. But make sure you serve your pet water with the proper temperature.

4. Keep them indoors

The chill weather outside affects all pets equally. Therefore, you should attempt to keep your pet indoors at the least times, unless you are taking them out for a walk. The less your pet is exposed to the surface environment during winters, the more healthy and active he/she is going to be.

5. Woolen clothing

Just like you would like to wear a warm sweater or jacket whenever you step outside, your pet requires warm clothing too. Nowadays, a good range of winter clothing is out there. So buy a sweater or jacket of the proper size and confirm you make your pet wear it whenever you’re taking them for a walk. However, don’t keep your pet in warm clothes during the afternoon hours, especially when the sun is shining outside.

6. Clean the paws

Your pet’s paws are exposed to the cold ground whenever they are going for a walk. Therefore, it’s important that you simply check your pet’s paws for any injury or bleeding after each walk. Also, you should dry their feet with a towel so that they feel warm and cozy as soon as they’re back home.

7. Keep heaters and blowers away

Seeing your pet feel cold during the winter months might tempt you to put an electrical heater or blower near them. However, resist this temptation because it might be harmful. Moreover, the one that you love could also get a burn if he/she gets too on the brink of such a heating source. As mentioned earlier, proper bedding and mattress placed during a carpeted area inside the house should be enough for your pet to stay warm.

Lastly, if you notice that your pet has suddenly subsided active or is feeling sick, consult your veterinarian at the earliest. Also, it’s important that you simply keep essential pet medicines, especially those suggested by your veterinarian. this may not only assist you to raise affect small problems at unexpected times but also allow your pet to steer a cheerful life during the chilly winter months.

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