What is Rice Protein?

AdobeStock 212604601 What is Rice Protein?

Rice protein is a dietary supplement that can be added to shakes, smoothies, or dishes to increase their protein content. To make the powder, the naturally occurring protein in rice grains (yes, it’s not just carbohydrates!) Is extracted. Mostly brown, previously sprouted rice is used, as it has a higher protein and nutrient content than husked, non-germinated rice.

Rice protein is considered hypoallergenic. This means that it usually does not cause allergies or intolerances and is easy to digest. That’s why it’s a good alternative to conventional whey (milk-based) or soy protein powders, which many people do not tolerate so well. Also for vegans and those who give up dairy products, rice protein is an appropriate choice.

Superfood rice protein?

Rice protein is becoming increasingly popular among fitness and nutrition experts because it contains a high proportion of essential amino acids (protein building blocks) for a purely plant-based protein source, which are important for building muscles and other body tissue. In studies with athletes, rice protein was in no way inferior to the whey protein that is widely used as a supplement to an otherwise normal diet to support muscle building and performance in sports. Even so, it shouldn’t be your only source of protein, as rice doesn’t contain all of the essential amino acids. Combine every now and then, for example with quinoa or pea, if you want to add complex vegetable protein.

Positive effects

Rice protein can help stabilize blood sugar. As a result, less insulin is released, there are fewer cravings and the body can switch back to fat burning mode more quickly. A 2015 study also showed that rice protein can protect the liver from oxidative stress.

Rice protein is also said to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, as it supports the liver in producing good cholesterol. Good rice protein also contains vitamin C, iron, calcium, and fiber.

Do I need protein powder?

Probably not. After all, a balanced diet should provide the body with everything it needs. But in everyday life, there are not always ideal conditions. High-quality protein powders can then be a good addition and make our lives easier. For one, protein powder is convenient and time-saving. It provides valuable protein quickly, for example in the first 30 minutes after training, when the body can absorb protein particularly well. Protein powder can also make dieting easier. Because often we only want to add a little protein to a drink or a meal to support satiety and muscles – but prefer to forego the remaining nutritional values ​​such as carbohydrates and fats and their calories. Protein powder makes it possible.

Pay attention to quality

Important: Dietary supplements should never replace a balanced diet, only enrich it. When buying, pay attention to organic quality in order to exclude pollution. Conventionally grown rice in particular is often contaminated with pesticide residues or heavy metals. A rule of thumb: the fewer ingredients, the better. Avoid cryptic and chemical-sounding substances.

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