Winter Skin: Make it GLOW

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We might be in the dead of winter, but your skin doesn’t have to know that. By diligently caring for your skin using the 5 steps below, you’ll never have to worry about weathered and wintered skin again.


Sounds simple, and you know what? It is! Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it works hard to detox you from the inside out every damn day. It needs its beauty rest! Making sure you get 7-9 hours of good-quality sleep each and every night will go a long way towards obtaining healthy-looking skin that is not season-dependent.


Yup—brush your skin. Using a dry skin brush to regularly sluff off the build-up of dead skin cells we accumulate faster as we get older is a fabulous way to get skin that glows. Not only do you remove the dull cells that create a boring complexion, you actively prompt your body to regenerate new skin cells faster, thereby producing younger-looking skin.

Yeah—you’re welcome.

Now, I’m not talking about your face; that’s coming up. I’m talking about slowly and rhythmically brushing your entire body with long, downward strokes from your neck to your feet. You can buy a dry skin brush at almost any store that sells cosmetics, baths, and body care products.


This one is for your whole body. Using a great quality exfoliant on your face twice a week can really help to keep acne at bay, and give your skin a more youthful appearance.

When it comes to the rest of your body, I totally recommend making your own sugar scrub and giving yourself a full-body scrub-down twice a week. It’s nicer for your skin than a salt scrub, because salt is dehydrating, which is the opposite of what we’re going for.

Recipe for Lavender Sugar Scrub


1 cup fine, granulated sugar

¼ cup olive oil

A few drops of lavender essential oil


Combine sugar and oil; mix well. Add essential oil and mix again. Store in your shower in the jar with lid tightly fastened. (Take care not to break glass in the shower!)


Making sure you step up the moisturizing is essential to keep winter skin at bay. During the winter months, use a thicker day and night cream. I actually add a few drops of almond oil to my moisturizer and slather it everywhere twice a day, including my face.


We all know that water is good for you, but during the winter, it’s imperative to keep your skin healthy and happy. I usually drink way more herbal tea in the winter than other times of the year, and it’s good and hydrating, too.

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